How to Prepare for
a Colonic

How to Prepare for a Colonic

In order to get the best detoxification and cleansing effects from your colon hydrotherapy session, you can adopt behaviors and make dietary choices before and after that will put your body in a good place to be most receptive to the colonic.

If you can’t stick to all of the following pre and post tips, that’s okay because small steps lead to great changes. We’ll guide you once we’ve had the chance to work with you and understand your health and lifestyle goals. In the meantime, we designed a food combination smart chart to help you design your meal choices. We want your colon hydrotherapy to be as successful as possible and make sure you leave Coronado Cleanse feeling rejuvenated, light, and energized!

Before Your Colonic: 1-7 Days Before the Session

What you eat and drink on the days leading up to your colonic can have a profound impact on how your colon cleanse goes and how you feel afterwards. Before and after colon hydrotherapy, it is very important to eat a healthy diet of fresh fruits and vegetables and to stay hydrated with plenty of pure water.

If you want to supplement your pre-colonic diet, some colonic hydrotherapists suggest healing natural treatments such as dry skin brushing, fasting, or using an abdominal castor oil pack. When you schedule your colonic appointment with us, ask if these are good options for your body based on your health status and goals.

Colon Hydrotherapy Preparation

Most frequent questions and answers


In the week before your colonic, start each morning off with a glass of fresh celery or green juice in place of breakfast. Drinking freshly pressed vegetable juice is one of the best ways to support your immune system and assist in the loosening and emulsification of toxins.

Remember, juice combinations should be palatable! The point is finding a combination that is appealing. If your taste buds enjoy it, then you will have a better chance of integrating this concept. For the new juicer, carrot and cucumber is a good place to start. Fresh pressed vegetable juices will make a HUGE difference in the results you experience during and after your colonic session(s).

Most importantly, don’t forget to drink more water in addition to juices. Hydration is extremely influential in flushing toxins from our cells and improving bowel and colon elimination. Add lemon or lime for a flavor boost.

Always drink juice on an empty stomach. The best time is first thing in the morning. Allow 30-40 minutes before moving onto fruit or other solid foods.
If you do not have an appetite for breakfast, then do not force yourself to eat; the veggies in the juice are working for you and providing nourishment!
If you have had a late night of indulgence, it is best to avoid juice and/or eating breakfast in the A.M. Try integrating some intermittent fasting. Drink juice later on in the day to allow your body to focus on digesting last night’s meal.

Refrain from drinking alcohol and anything carbonated like soda, seltzer, and even sparkling water. These drinks will create more unnecessary gas prior to your colonic.

Start your day with a fresh green (or just celery) juice and wait 30-40 minutes before eating breakfast.
Fresh fruit is the best choice, but plain steel cut oats and gluten-free bread with mashed avocado are great options too. Always eat fruit alone and on an empty stomach.

I strongly suggest eating a plant based meal starting with a salad followed by cooked vegetables (steamed, roasted, or sautéed) and a starch of your choice like sweet potato or quinoa.
Your detoxification process will be supported when you incorporate a leafy green salad before all your cooked meals.
You can include other raw vegetables in your salad: shredded or grated carrots, celery, cucumbers, sprouts, and radishes. Remember: raw broccoli/cauliflower are very gassy. Keep the dressing simple (cold pressed virgin olive oil with a squeeze of lemon is perfect). If you like a creamier dressing you may have tahini and coconut aminos. Simple is better.

Start with your salad first and follow with cooked vegetables and a wild fish or free range chicken protein. Please avoid conventional farm raised fish or chicken with hormones and antibiotics. Most of all completely avoid red meat and pork. If you are already practicing a plant based diet, then skip the starch at lunch and have it at dinner. When eating starches, do not combine with protein (chicken with rice, for example).

If you have had a colonic before, but it has been a while, please give yourself 3 full days to reintroduce healthier eating and juicing before coming in for colonic. Remember: Your body will be more receptive to the colonic when your body has had a chance to “loosen” things up with dietary changes that foster greater releases during your session.

The day before the colonic is not the time to be indulgent. The day before, the day of, and the day after should be the days you are most considerate of food combinations and diet.
During your colonic session, your hydrotherapist will be happy to go over all the details and answer your questions concerning diet and food combining.

If this kind of diet and food combining concept is new to you, don’t worry if you don’t get it right all at once. Even if you don’t stick to the diet above, any changes you make for the better will have a positive impact on your colonic session.

The day of your colonic is an exciting day because this is your own personal opportunity to feel lighter, healthier, and more rejuvenated. Do not eat anything two hours prior to your colonic session for the best results. If possible, have a bowel movement before your session to allow better flow of water into the colon.

Your diet schedule may vary depending upon the time of your colonic, but here are some general recommendations for how to eat on this very important day.

This is a great day to eat lighter, perhaps even lighter than you have been the previous week.
Allow 2-3 hours between a meal, preferably a salad, and your colonic session if possible.

If your colonic is scheduled early in the day, simply drink warm water with lemon or green juice in the morning. Drinking green juice a few hours before your colonic will produce amazing results!

If your colonic is scheduled in the afternoon or evening, juice and salad are the best options for your meals earlier in the day. If you feel hungry and are craving a piece of fruit, go for it. Just make sure that you eat the fruit at least one hour or more before your session. Please fast 2-3 hours before your appointment. You may drink water, fresh green juice, or herbal tea to stay hydrated.

If you have an appointment before noon, then eating some fruit is fine. Be sure to eat the fruit alone and try not to eat it the hour before your session. An afternoon salad is ok for those with evening appointments.

There are certain foods that should be avoided entirely, or as much as possible, before and after colonic hydrotherapy sessions. Not surprisingly, these are also foods that contribute to poor overall colon health and that should be avoided in daily life even when you don’t have a colonic hydrotherapy session coming up.

Here are some foods to avoid as you prepare for your session and after it as well:

  • Carbonated beverages such as soda, seltzer, and sparkling water
  • Red meat, Pork
  • Cheese, milk, and other dairy products
  • Soy products
  • Processed meats and foods (if the label has more than 10 ingredients, skip it!)
  • White flours (pastries, refined white bread, pasta)
  • Refined sugar

We’re confident that you’ll feel great inside and out once you complete your colonic hydrotherapy session, but you can keep that feeling going for the long-term if you eat right, exercise, and take good care of your colon. Post-care focuses on hydration, which is vital to balance our organ function and support our elimination. It is important to feed your body with fresh nutrients, and this is the perfect time to drench your cells with enzymes and promote alkalinity.

Drink a glass of water and/or fresh green juice immediately after your colonic. You will be provided fresh pressed celery juice or electrolytes after your appointment and a probiotic. In the first 24 hours after your session, you may want to stick to plant based soups or broths for your meals. Continue to drink plenty of pure water, herbal teas, natural juices, and liquids that contain electrolytes. Try to stick to cooked, steamed, roasted, sautéed vegetables and raw fruits for three days after the first 24 hours. Avoid raw vegetables until your body has time to adjust to the colon cleanse. Raw vegetables may cause bloating.

Focus on maintaining favorable food-combining principles, which will help to reduce gas. Your eating habits do not have to be perfect in order to make progress. Even small changes and more mindful choices can create results in a short period of time. It will be easier to feel the benefits of follow-up colonic sessions when you adopt the healthy habits as a lifestyle choice.

You will develop an awareness of how old habits and tendencies truly affect your body. As your system becomes more alkaline, the once tolerated acidic/mucus-forming foods and drugs (pharmaceutical and recreational alike) will soon be recognized by your system as the poisons they are. This recognition is a good thing. It means that your cells are regenerating, your blood is more oxygen rich, and your nervous system and senses are gaining acuity.

For the greatest long-term benefits, it’s important to eat a balanced diet that contains protein, carbohydrates, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals. Fiber is also essential to colon health and contained in many healthy foods such as veggies, fruits, sweet potatoes, avocado, and almonds to name a few. As a general rule, simple carbohydrates such as refined sugars, white flour, and bread should be avoided because they are not a valuable source of nutrition or fiber. Many people benefit from taking probiotic supplements to maintain a healthy gut and adding flax seed oil to their diets to support a healthy colon.

Most importantly, try to see the colonic as an investment in your long-term health and well-being. Adopting a new lifestyle and diet can be intimidating and challenging, but getting a colonic and help ease the transition. Every small step brings you closer to finding a healthier, more rejuvenated you.

If you have any questions regarding the guidelines, please call me at 619-806-4445.