Post Treatment

Post Treatment Protocol

Your colon hydrotherapy treatment may stimulate, in the next few hours, several bowel movements. However, these will not be sudden, uncontrollable, or painful. Rather, it will be the colon performing its function of eliminating waste efficiently.

On the other hand, when the colon is weak or sluggish and you have had chronic constipation there my be no bowel movement for several days. This is a strong indication that you will need further treatment and should follow up with at least one more colonic. It is highly recommended to do 3 sessions for a complete colon cleanse.

The removal of toxins can cause symptoms similar to feeling unwell. This is a sign that the cleansing has truly begun! Remember the distinction between disease and healing is that healing is the releasing of problems associated with and from your unhealthy past, and a necessary part of your detoxification journey.

After Treatment Self Care

Most frequent questions and answers

After your session, avoid rushing around; try to find time to relax and to care for yourself. Allow your body to find ‘quiet’.

Avoid energetic exercise and movement as this may cause some discomfort.

If you feel bloated or have any discomfort, this is an indication that you need additional sessions and should schedule another appointment soon. In the meantime take digestive enzymes, drink ginger tea and gently massage your stomach.

Make healthy choices about food and consume only moderate amounts. Think about and consume foods which you feel to be gentle and nourishing.

You may choose a light meal that is easy to digest. Some examples are a vegetable soup or broth, a green juice or a green smoothie, or lightly steamed vegetables. If you decide to have fruit do not combine it with other foods. Ideally you want to continue your cleansing with foods that promote detoxification.

Remember to take your probiotics in order to supplement your friendly bacteria.

At this stage avoid a heavy high-protein meal, and whatever you decide from not ‘fill up’. Chew slowly and eat mindfully.

Avoid alcohol and processed foods. Try to take advantage of this opportunity to shift to a more plant based diet.