Colon Hydrotherapy
Gut health is everything
Experience the magic of colonics as a gentle and effective way to
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A Boutique
Detox Clinic

Beachy Boho Vibe

Located in beautiful Coronado, Ca, our beachy boho office is the perfect wellness destination for a day of self care.  We are minutes away from the most amazing beach in San Diego and a few blocks from a juice bar and boutiques.

Preparing for your colonic

Prepping for a colonic is quite simple.  If you are already doing a juice cleanse, or are on a detox, you are prepared!  For those of you who want to make healthier choices and are not quite eating as clean as you prefer, please refer to this page for more information.

My story


My name is Ladan Springer, but I go by Dani for short. My story and how I got here all started with my own challenges with gut health and my struggle with depression. So many people ask how the heck did you decide to be a colon hydrotherapist? It wasn’t my first calling, but I’m so grateful it is my present passion and love how it’s opened my heart to healing others. Through my certification process I received extensive training in the holistic and wellness field. But before I began my path as a colon hydrotherapist, I received my Chef Certification from the Natural Gourmet Institute for Food and Health in New York City. Yes! I was a natural foods chef which supports my practice with so much helpful nutritional information for my clients. I also helped create the first Raw Food Academy in the US and became the first Raw Foods Instructor to offer chef certification through my training. I taught students from around the world about the preparation of plant based foods. I also taught classes on cleansing and juicing and am well versed in the art of detoxification. I am certified by the International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy (I-ACT) and received my Professional Holistic Certification from the world renowned California Cleansing Institute in Encinitas. 

 I have been incorporating alternative and holistic healing modalities in my own life and those of my family and friends over the years and I continue to educate myself through personal experience and continuing education. My interest in becoming a colon hydrotherapist evolved after personally experiencing colon hydrotherapy in 2000 after healing my own physical and mental health with this practice. After my mother passed away from cancer, I knew my calling was to radically devote my life to clean eating and detoxification as preventative measures in fighting chronic disease. My own personal journey shapes and expands my practice in a way that reflects my experience and deep respect for each individual’s process. I bring tremendous passion to my work and an open heart. My search for  profound holistic wisdom and the body’s intuitive process creates a safe space for my client to relax, breathe and feel safe in their own healing.

Customer reviews

Ladan is the BEST. She makes you feel comfortable in something that can be uncomfortable. She is SUPER knowledgable and will educate you on exactly what is going on with your gut. She makes this procedure feel like a spa treatment. She'll do stomach massage and activate certain reflexology points on your legs and feet to help you release. She provides a peaceful, zen environment that is so comfortable. You can see her heart and that she is here for you and your health.

Shawna Shenck - Founder
of the San Diego Yoga Festival

Ladan is amazing! This is the first place I tried a colonic and the only place I'll ever go. At first I was extremely nervous and didn't know what to expect, but I've had four sessions so far and can't wait to go back soon! This therapy helps significantly with bloating, stomach aches and pains and just general "ick" feeling that you get from not eating or drinking cleanly all of the time. It's amazing to get such a great detox in such a short period of time! Highly recommend.

Jordann P.

Ladan has completely CHANGED my life. Before finding her, I was miserable due to chronic stomach issues (bloating, nausea, constipation) and stubborn acne. I had tried everything but nothing worked. After 4 visits with Ladan, I already saw results. My acne completely cleared up, my bloating was gone and the constipation improved drastically. If you've never tried a colonic, please call Ladan. I promise you won't regret it. She is extremely knowledgable and goes above and beyond to make sure you are comfortable. She is a godsend!​

Brenda Chand

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

You will most likely be a bit nervous before your first session and understandably so!  That’s why I make it my primary goal to make sure you are comfortable and feel safe. Before beginning you will change in to a loose gown and put on some warm fuzzy socks. You will lie on the treatment table first on your left side for the speculum insertion then onto your back fully covered. The water is then turned on to regulate the temperature and when it’s nice and warm it then starts to flow slowly and gently into your colon.  I will facilitate the fills and releases to break up the compacted waste matter and allow your body to release it. Accupressure points and a stomach massage will be applied to further assist in the release of toxic waste. I use a blend of digestive essential oils that are soothing and therapeutic. Once the colon has emptied out as much as it can, the water will be turned off and the speculum gently removed. You will have time for post treatment recovery in the restroom to allow any additional elimination to happen. Once you’ve changed and finished, you will sit quietly in the client lounge and enjoy a refreshing cup of electrolytes and will be given a probiotic. We will discuss any recommendations I have for a treatment plan and what you should eat or drink for the next day or so. 

We recommend wearing something loose and comfortable that can be removed from the waist down. Comfortable pants/shorts and a top are preferable as you will remove everything from the waist down for your treatment and use a gown to cover up along with an additional cover sheet.

Yes, you can.  All of your release should take place at the clinic. Sometimes there might be the need to use the restroom after a colonic if your colon did not release everything. However that is good because the continuation of flushing out the toxins is your body responding positively to the treatment.  However, if it’s your first colonic, we recommend coming at a time when you can take it easy afterwards as you may be feeling relaxed with a large toxic release. 

Colonics should not be painful, however depending on your toxicity and the level of compaction in your colon, your first session may be a bit uncomfortable as all of these toxins are stirred up to be released. Some clients experience nausea which goes away immediately after the toxicity is flushed from the body. If that’s the case I will give you some peppermint essential oil to be applied under the nose to help remedy the nausea. Others experience mild to moderate cramping  which again goes away once the body releases the toxicity. The feeling of release is euphoric and after your first session you should feel lighter, rejuvenated and refreshed.

Yes! Even if you don’t think you are constipated (meaning your bowel moves a solid 2-3 times per day with ease) the high level of toxicity present in our environments from overuse of chemicals in food and other products, we are at risk of toxicity overload which can affect us mentally and physically. Give your body the chance to detox from the processed foods, medications, gmo’s, animal proteins, pesticides, sugars, and other chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis by flushing the colon completely. 

Colonics also help to detoxify the liver, bloodstream, kidneys while providing a release for the mind, body and soul. So much more than to offer than just the relief of constipation!

Yes, absolutely! This is actually very beneficial during this time because you are probably feeling bloated and heavy. The colonic will help alleviate period symptoms.

"Quite literally, your gut is the epicenter of your mental and physical health. If you want better immunity, efficient digestion, improved clarity and balance, focus on rebuilding your gut health."
- Kris Carr

Coronado Colon Hydrotheraphy  – A Boutique Detox Clinic 

Colon Hydrotherapy

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